Todd helps you achieve breakthroughs by serving as a mirror and creating a safe emotional space for collaboration. He offers individualized coaching that prioritizes your inner leader, so you can exit the role of chief arsonist, recognize that you’re often the cause and solution to your own problems, and unlock your full potential in life and in business. Todd listens and asks provocative questions to help you find your own enlightenment, rather than bringing pre-existing playbooks and prescribed systems to the table.

Retreat Facilitation

As a bold and gifted executive facilitator, Todd fearlessly creates and leads entrepreneur membership organization and leadership team retreats that provoke profound improvements in self-awareness and psychological safety for individuals and your entire group. Through experience shares and collaboration, you and your group will uncover the underlying motives driving your actions and decisions, pinpoint the role you play in your own obstacles, and courageously confront the discomfort of life’s challenges to unlock your full potential. Todd’s facilitation style ensures that all members feel seen, heard, known, and accepted.


The pandemic has sparked an epidemic of disconnection, leaving us feeling trapped and unable to express our true selves. Todd Palmer, best selling author of From Suck to Success, boldly confronts the challenges of entrepreneurship and delivers powerful strategies to cultivate psychological safety and build deeper connections in your business and family. Todd’s approach and firsthand experience with Imposter Syndrome will empower you to overcome your own doubts and anxieties, allowing you to connect with the people and influences that matter most to you. Prepare to be inspired and entertained by Todd’s electrifying speaking style.

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