Leadership is a great trait to have, especially in the business world. Some people are born with it, yes. But everyone needs a little work to elevate their leadership skills to the next level.

Leadership development is an increasing market and Todd Palmer has been in business for years coaching CEOs and leaders.

A few months ago, Palmer, long-time CEO of Extraordinary Advisors had the privilege to talk to Dr. Allen Lomax on his Real Estate Investor podcast, Creek Side Chats about his journey as an executive coach of leaders.

About the Episode: Leadership Training with Todd Palmer

Palmer talks about his childhood and the difficulties he had faced and how these struggles shaped his personality. His dad passed away when he was five years old so his mom had to go back to work. With his brother and sister moving away, he felt abandoned and unlovable. 

Later in his life when he became an entrepreneur these personality traits he gained from his childhood didn’t serve him well. Although he was self-reliant, he still felt like an outsider. He mentions he kept getting lost in a fantasy world as a coping mechanism.

At the beginning of his entrepreneurship, he was very disciplined because he was doing everything on his own all while being a single parent to his son. He was constantly busy with work and parenthood. 

By September 2006, he was in debt and at rock bottom. He realized he had imposter syndrome. He considered himself good as long as the business was good. 

Palmer mentions, most entrepreneurs hit rock bottom at least once in their lives. But what is important is to be able to face that fact and be able to admit that one might need help. So when he realized he was at rock bottom and in need of help, he hired a coach. 

His coach helped him understand how he was avoiding facing himself, conflict with others, and more. He encouraged him to make changes in his work and personal life. And as he improved his leadership skills, he realized the importance of it. Then he started his journey to dedicating himself to leadership training and helping other entrepreneurs to improve themselves.

Today, Palmer helps other entrepreneurs as an executive coach. Since 1997, he has helped more than 5000 people to get over the difficulties that he had faced himself! 

Here are some of the most essential coaching skills that’ll make you a great leader!

Motivation is Important

Being supportive and motivational towards your team is an essential trait for any leader. You can build mutual trust by encouraging people to be their best selves.

Honest support demonstrates to your team that you are truly invested in their development. Make every attempt to acknowledge your team’s contributions and the impact that they are making.

As a leader, you can connect with your team on a deeper level by sharing your initial struggles, how you overcame them, and how much of an impact their work is causing. This would further build an emotional connection with your team and motivate them towards your company’s cause. 

Change Your Perspective

Approaching things from your team’s perspective can help you realize the improvements and results you want while coaching employees to increase their performances and engagements.

Everyone has different interests, motivations, and mindsets. So asking questions to better understand their struggles can help you motivate and coach them to perform better while increasing productivity.

This will also help your team to understand that you are indeed a caring leader.

Good coaching abilities in a management or leadership capacity can help people change their behaviors or ways of thinking while also enabling learning and development. If you want to discover more about leadership development, you can contact Todd Palmer to schedule a discovery call here.

Commitment is Everything

Commit yourself to enhance your skills and abilities. Why should your employees continue to learn if you aren’t? Your team will follow you if you lead by example.

Demonstrate that you care about their accomplishment (who wouldn’t?). Inquire about where they see their career going or how their role in the company is growing. 

Show your team that you care about their careers, achievements, and professional success beyond merely wanting them to work harder so you can look better.

Showing that you are personally invested in your team’s growth will go a long way in your team’s morale.

Alt: a man giving a speech in front of a group.

Identify Problems

When there’s an issue or a requirement with an employee, identifying it and clearly stating the issue can establish a positive environment for growth. This way both the manager’s and employee’s needs and expectations will be understood mutually.

This also establishes a clear line of communication, allowing you and your employee to openly discuss problems, questions, and other issues related to their tasks. When expectations and needs are communicated more effectively, you will have more accurate results and less confusion.

Listen to the full episode of Todd Palmer’s inspiring journey and insights into leadership skills on Creek Side Chats.

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