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Storytelling is the New Business Currency

Emotionally connect people and create loyalty- You want people to want to be a part of what you do, to share in the core values of the company. You want to attract those who believe what you believe. The power of storytelling accomplishes this connection between the company and the employee.

The Future of Manufacturing – Three Major Shifts Are Upon Us

Recently, I was fortunate to see a speech from futurist Peter Diamandis. He spoke about what the future world of work would be like, and specifically talked about the workforce within manufacturing. It’s about to be transformed. Old constraints such as specialization in manufacturing skill set and tooling are going away, new technologies are being […]

The Revenge of Employees: Ghosting Employers is New Norm

From the days of Ebenezer Scrooge to Bill Lumbergh in “Office Space,” employers are typically portrayed in fiction as having the upper hand in the employer-employee relationship. For most employees, they feel that fiction is their sad reality. For decades, employers have felt that employees should be happy to have a job. Employees have felt […]

How We See the World is How We Manage Our Company

As good leaders and managers within our businesses, we make hundreds of decisions each day. Those decisions typically revolve around strategy, execution, cash, and people. We read articles and books on how to grow our companies or teams, we attend seminars on strategy and execution, and we faithfully listen to the latest podcasts on people […]

Fail Forward Into Success

In business and in life, failure is going to occur.  It’s inevitable and it’s necessary.  It is where the greatest amount of growth, learning and personal development occurs.  Each of us will handle failing in business differently, based upon how we view failure. Do you take on the Webster’s Dictionary definition of failure– A) Failing […]