Ditch Your Comfort Zone

Growth through Authenticity, Transparency, and Vulnerability

In this talk, your audience will learn that growth happens only when we lean into the uncomfortable. They’ll hear stories from leaders who have been to the entrepreneurial edge of disaster and recovered to go on to achieve great success. Included will be Todd’s own story of going from being $600,000 in debt and weeks away from closing up shop to making the INC 5000 a record six times, as one of America’s fastest growing companies. Todd will help your audience understand the thinking of successful business leaders and how they confronted their fears and self-doubts, then bravely took the steps necessary to turn their companies around. He will share the key success framework that eliminates failures as set-backs or win/lose propositions. Todd will teach your audience how to specifically turn “failures” into stepping stones for success. Highly engaging and full of energy, your audience will love this talk. Here’s what they’ll learn:

  • How to re-purpose failures into steps along the pathway to success
  • Embrace the concept of intentions, instead of expectations
  • How to create strategies that link professional passion with personal purpose
  • How to take action, to create a life by design