Growth Experts Podcast - Extraordinary Advisors

BY Todd Palmer ON November 6, 2018

Listen to host Dennis Brown and Todd Palmer discuss key topics around growing your business:

– Todd talks about how and why he niched his recruiting business and why it was so instrumental in his growth.

– Then Todd talks about why he throttled back on revenue growth and started focusing on margin growth.

– Then we discuss the #1 strategy that his team uses to generate new customers.

– Todd then dissects the 4 pillars that allowed him to hit the Inc. 5,000 six times.

– We discuss why he decided to fire his entire staff and how he changed the entire culture to turned the company around.

– Todd shares the #1 thing he would do differently to get further faster if he had to start all over today.

– Todd shares his favorite growth tool/software.

– We talk about one of Todd’s favorite books and why he recommends everyone read it.