As Hector Garcia, the coauthor with Francesc Miralles of Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life, explains, “just as humans have lusted after objects and money since the dawn of time, other humans have felt dissatisfaction at the relentless pursuit of money and fame and have instead focused on something bigger than their own material wealth. This has over the years been described using many different words and practices, but always hearkening back to the central core of meaningfulness in life.”

Extraordinary Advisors_Ikigai

Now I bring my ikigai to everything I do. It crosses all spheres of my world— business, family, and personal. Whether it’s my son or my client, I approach everyone similarly by asking questions, discovering “aha!” moments, and allowing them to leave the conversation in a better place. My ikigai not only helps me say yes to projects that align with my purpose but even more importantly it helps me say no to those that don’t.

I have developed the mind-set of improving lives, and I take it everywhere I go.