Privacy Policy

This notice is intended to provide you with information about how MKG Marketing collects and uses information that we collect from you. Nothing in this notice should be construed as amending, modifying, replacing, or otherwise affecting the terms and conditions of any transactions between you and the Company, except that to the extent any such terms and conditions are inconsistent with the General Data Privacy Regulations of the European Union and the equivalent rules of the United Kingdom and any other applicable jurisdiction (altogether, the “GDPR”) those terms and conditions are VOID.

The Company collects certain information from and about you. This notice will explain what this information is, how it is used, what third parties receive it, and how you may instruct the Company not to collect, retain, or use certain parts of that information, and how to instruct us to delete this information from the Company’s own records. Please see below for:

  • What Personal Information We Collect From You
  • What Non-Personal Information We Collect About You
  • A List of Third Parties Who Receive Information You Provide Us With Their Contact Information
  • Instructions For Exercising Your Right To Instruct Us To Forget Your Information

What Personal Information We Collect from You. Any information that you enter into any text field on any webpage on the domain (the “Website”) will be collected by the Company for internal use except where noted otherwise in this notice.

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Information that you enter into the Website at the point of account creation will be used to create a customer profile for you. This will include any information that you provide when creating your account, including an email address and other contact information, your name, your phone number, and address information. The Company maintains records of its customer profiles to facilitate follow up either by phone or email, for purposes of counting the number of its customer profiles, and so that the Website and the Company can remember this information for future orders and visits to the website. You may change your information at any time by emailing todd@extraordinaryadvisors.

If you unsubscribe, the company may retain certain information for future use, including for counting the number of customer accounts that have been unsubscribed, unless you instruct us otherwise.

Customer Relationship Management

The Company uses a marketing automation tool called ActiveCampaign (the “CRM”) so that Company can send followup emails to you per your request of an asset or more information about our company.

The CRM is a third party for purposes of the GDPR.

What Non-Personal Information We Collect About You

The Company collects certain non-personal information about you. By “non-personal information,” we mean information about you that cannot be used, and is not stored, in a way that can identify you.

The Website will collect information about your location based on your IP address. An IP address is a non-static identifier that allows the Company to know, in general terms, where its users are located. An IP address is not the same as a physical address, and is not the same as either your shipping address or your billing address.

The Company uses your IP address for internal purposes such as knowing which countries provide certain percentages of its users. The Company does not distribute your IP address to any other person. The Company does not verify your IP address or connect it to your shipping or billing address for purposes of checkout. Your IP is not and cannot be used by the Company to identify you personally. The Web Host will also know your IP address for purposes of logging visits to the Website from your IP address and for preventing distributed denial-of-service attacks, which are disruptive attacks on websites caused by very large numbers (hundreds of thousands or more) of near-simultaneous visits to the Website.

The Company collects information such as the number of users visiting the website at any given time, the times during which visitors visit the Website, the length of time that users use the website, which pages they visit, which products they order, and what other actions they take while on the website. This information is collected by the Website and is provided in an anonymized form to the Company’s data analytics providers, which are Google Analytics (, LinkedIn Ads ( and Facebook Ads ( This information is used by the Company to track the engagement, general geographic origin, and headcount of its users. This information is combined together to provide general demographic information on the Website’s users. This information is not and cannot be used to identify you specifically.

The Data Analytics Providers are third party for purposes of the GDPR.

List of Third Parties Who Receive Information You Provide Us With Their Contact Information

The Contact Information for the CRM is: Matthew Joseph, CIPP/US Zahradníčkova 1220/20A Prague 150 00 Czech Republic

The Contact Information for the Data Analytics Providers are: ATTN: Legal Department Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043

Meta Legal Department 156 University Avenue Palo Alto, CA 94301

LinkedIn Ireland U.C. ATTN: Legal Department Wilton Plaza Wilton Place, Dublin 2 Ireland

Instructions For Exercising Your Right To Instruct Us To Forget Your Information The GDPR provides a generalized “right to be forgotten,” meaning that you have the right to instruct us to delete any and all information that the Company, the Website, or any of the third parties collects about you. Please contact us by email at todd@extraordinaryadvisors.