Why Most Annual Plans and Resolutions Won't Work

As we stand on the cusp of a new year, I want to start this conversation with the cold, hard truth–most annual plans and New Year's resolutions are destined to fail. Before you raise an eyebrow or two, here is the why behind this common phenomenon and a path to genuine, lasting change.

Mark Manson's Law of Avoidance: Unraveling the Myth of Resolutions Year after year, we craft grand plans and set ambitious planning, only to find ourselves back at square one sooner than expected. Mark Manson's Law of Avoidance sheds light on this seemingly perpetual cycle. Resolutions, often fueled by societal expectations or momentary inspiration, can inadvertently become a means of avoiding the deeper, more profound changes we need.

Manson argues that we often set resolutions to avoid the discomfort of facing our real issues or to sidestep the necessary, albeit challenging, steps toward meaningful change. It's not about the resolution itself but the avoidance it may mask.

Lisa Lahey's Immunity of Change: Breaking Free from the Status Quo Building on this, Lisa Lahey's concept of the Immunity to Change offers a compelling lens through which we can examine our resistance to transformation. The Immunity to Change represents our subconscious resistance to altering the status quo, even when we desire to change consciously.

When we annual plan without addressing the underlying beliefs and habits that uphold our current state, we're trying to breach our immunity to change without the necessary antibodies. It's no wonder resolutions often crumble.

So, What Can We Do Differently?

  1. Shift from Resolutions to Reflection: Instead of hastily crafting resolutions, take time for deep self-reflection. What are the patterns, beliefs, or behaviors that genuinely need attention?
  2. Identify the Why Behind Change: Understand the underlying motivations for change. What is the actual driver behind your desire for transformation?
  3. Embrace Incremental Progress: Small, consistent steps often lead to more sustainable change. Avoid the trap of grandiose resolutions that may set you up for frustration.

Let's Engage in a New Dialogue This year, let's engage in a different dialogue about change. Understanding the Law of Avoidance and the Immunity to Change allows us to navigate our journey with a more nuanced perspective. Humans are more likely to make a change once we make public statements about the change. We will do more when we speak it out loud to another person. Let's foster an environment where meaningful, lasting transformations can take root.

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