An Executive Coach for the Inner Leader

You’ve succeeded in your business but still feel unsatisfied. Self-help books, performance gurus, and self-proclaimed “thought leaders” don’t address the self-limiting thoughts and behaviors holding you back from true satisfaction. Only when you come face to face with your inner obstacles can you become the solution to your own problems.

Stop letting your business run you, and bring purpose and joy back into your life. Learn how to approach every situation with curiosity instead of fear so you can take on life with courage.

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Our sales are up 70% and our profits have increased by 500% since hiring Extraordinary Advisors.

Tom Schwab CEO of Interview Valet
Tom Schwab
CEO of Interview Valet

Executive Coaching

A Coach for the Inner Leader

While traditional coaching constructs like Scaling Up, EOS, and Action Coach focus on the individual dimensions of leadership or business process and performance, with Todd, everything is on the table. Rather than coaching a standardized process, Todd coaches the person. Connect the dots among the important relationships in your life to bring peace to your entire ecosystem and feel empowered with choice.

For Yourself
Understand and overcome your own contributions to your business and personal challenges. Learn how to avoid personal triggers and mitigate fears to move forward toward a better, happier you.
For Your Company
Overcome obstacles within your leadership team by creating a sustainable business environment. Use Todd’s guidance to foster honest dialogue between you and your leadership team.
For Your Role
Integrate the demands of your position and personal life. Get out from under the crush of work related obligations to identify what matters most in fulfilling your higher purpose. Collaborate with Todd to put boundaries and rules of engagement in place so you can spend your time in a way that propels you to define and achieve your goals.
For the Important People in Your Life
Prioritize family and important moments. Time is finite and something you can’t get back. Give yourself permission to focus on the people and activities most important to you so you don’t miss out.

From Suck to Success

In From Suck to Success, Todd uses his own experience in professional purgatory to propel your business upward by embracing Massive Curiosity coupled with Massive Accountability.

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“This isn’t about giving advice. This isn’t about solving the problem. This is about truly active listening and being there for the other person.”

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